Do you want to promote your business in an interesting and long term way?  A promotional room thermometer card is ideal for those who want to give a useful guide to temperature for their customers. These are a reuseable product that your audience will keep, therefore seeing your message again and again for many months and probably years.

We offer all types of thermometer strips that can be purchased to use on your own thermometer card promotion.  The standard vertical 9 to 27ºC strip is a low cost stick on thermometer that can be applied by you to your leaflet or promo card.  This strip has been the most common one used for this purpose up to now and a worldwide best seller.  The 9 to 27ºC strip can be purchased in a horizontal format or as a larger display with white text for those sight impairment or are visually impaired.    

We now have a new easy read colour thermometer display that is colour coded called the BGOR strip, as shown above.  This indicates the temperature by colour coding i.e. cold indicated by the colour blue to hot shown as red on the display.  Feedback from our customers has been very positive, as the thermometer strip uses a technology that is state of the art and developed in the UK.  The technology used means that these are normally more money than the standard vertical 9 to 27ºC.  For a limited time we are offering these new strips at the same price!  Please contact us on 0207 118 3123 or click here for more information

Alternatively we can produce your whole project for you.  From the initial concept to the design and print and application of the thermometer strips; our promotional thermometer cards can be designed uniquely for your business to promote your message.  From the first design stage to the completion of your project, we take care of every process. Click here to request a free sample and pricing or ring 0207 118 3123
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